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Last year I had a small accident where some Finnish guy drove backwards into my car (i was standing still). Later he blamed me for driving into the back of his car and we ended up both paying for our own damages although it was his fault. :-(. That cost me a lot of money.


Its been very difficult to talk to him because I don’t speak Finnish and I didn’t have the European Accident Statement with me either. (very hard to get here in Finland). However, if I had one with me, I could have forced him to fill it in and I would have had the facts of the accident right there signed and all. It would have been very hard for him to change his story later.

Hosting European accident statements

That put me thinking and I believe everybody should have the chance to have a foreign language accident statement at hand when you travel abroad. It took me about a year to get approval from the copyright owner and finally my company is allowed to host them on the internet.

Currently we have English, French, Dutch, German, Polish, Czech and Portuguese and we are working hard to obtain more versions. So if you travel to any of these countries then feel free to download, print and use them.

We put them ready for you to download at:

I just know what a hassle it can be to deal with an accident and, you don’t speak the same language. Hopefully you won’t need them but in case you do then I hope they will help you out.