New Russian European Accident Statement

New Russian European Accident Statement form pdf hosted on Car Travel Docs. You will find a link in the downloads section in our website or at the bottom of this post. The Russian European Accident Statement is called the “Извещение о дорожно-транспортном происшествии“.

When you go on a trip to Russia, you can now take the Russian version with you which makes it easier to fill it in together with somebody that doesn’t speak your language.


Celebrating 10 years of Car Travel Docs

After launching Car Travel Docs 10 years ago, we thought we would like to celebrate it with a totally new designed responsive website. Today it is ready, it looks cool, clean, modern and works on mobile devices.

Besides updating the website, we have also updated all PDF documents. The English, Dutch, French and German documents can now be digitally filled in with a PDF Reader application.

You are now also allowed to add comments in the document and that allows you to use drawing options from your PDF application to sketch e.g. what happened during the accident.


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What must I have in my car ?

Be prepared for your next trip, a warning triangle is mandatory for all countries

When you travel abroad with your car, certain objects like a warning triangle are mandatory to bring along. This article will give an indication what to take with you for a number of countries. However, Car Travel Docs can not be held liable for misinformation. We strongly recommend contacting your insurance company before travelling abroad.

Car Travel Docs recommends

European Accident Statement

Extra instructions for the European Accident Statement

1. Only use one set of forms for 2 vehicles involved (2 for 3 vehicles involved etc.). It doesn’t matter who sends them in or fills them out. Please use a ball point pen for filling out the statement and make sure that the copy is legible.

2. When filling out the accident report please pay attention to the following:

  • When answering the following two questions please refer to:

a) your insurance documents, pursuant to Item 8 (policy or green card),
b) your driving licence, pursuant to Item 9.

  • Clearly indicate the point of initial impact (10).
  • Put a cross (X) next to the facts (1–17) which were relevant to your accident (12), and state the total number of spaces marked with a cross.
  • Draw a plan of the accident location (13) showing all the relevant information.

3. Please give the name of one witness to the accident, especially in case of disagreement.

4. Sign the accident statement and have it signed by the other driver
(15). Hand one copy of the accident statement to other driver and keep one yourself.

When you return home
  • Don’t forget to indicate when and where your vehicle can be inspected by an expert.
  • Under no circumstances alter anything on the accident statement.
  • Send the form to your insurer immediately.
Please note
  • This form exists in different languages but with identical contents.
  • This form may be used even if no other vehicle is involved, for example, where there is a comprehensive insurance policy, in cases of damage to the driver’s own vehicle or in zhe case of Theft or fire.

(Text taken from the German CEA multi-language instruction document)


What is a green card ?

The Green Card is also called an International Motor Insurance Card is a document that provides prove that you have the minimum required third party liability insurance for the country you are traveling in. When you carry a green card it makes it easier to travel into different countries because you have prove of insurance at the border and it will protect the interests of the people from those countries in case of an accident. The Green Card is issued by 45 insurance organizations of mostly European countries, which are all affiliated to an umbrella organization, the Council of Bureau (CoB).

The following list shows countries that don’t require a green card

Andorra, Austria, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Liechtenstein, Netherlands, Norway, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia,  Poland, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Portugal, Romania, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland

The following list shows countries that do require a green card

Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina,  Israel, Moldova, Morocco, Russia, Serbia and Montenegro, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), Islamic Republic of Iran.

When you travel to any of the countries mentioned above, you can ask for a green card from your insurance company. If they cant provide one, you may consider contacting another insurance company, or you can ask for a border insurance at the point of entry of that country.

The green card is still the most recognized and understood proof of car insurance by local police. Even when you travel to countries where the document is not required anymore it is good to keep one with you, so you can always show proof of insurance when its needed, for example after an accident.

Since the Green Card is valid for a limited period of time, it is important to check its validity before setting off on a trip. In the event of an accident, the duplicate of the Green Card – if there is one – should be given to the police or the injured party. If a duplicate of the Green Card is not available, a copy will have to be made or the police will record all the relevant data in the police report.

New version

During its General Assembly, 2008 the CoB has approved a new Green Card model. This document has subsequently been approved by the UN (ECE). During its meeting held 27.11.2008, the NBI & NGF Management Committee has also approved the new format.

The new Green Card model is compulsory since 1.1.2011. Old Green Cards issued before 1.1.2011 remain valid until their expiry date (second date in field Nr. 3). A Green Card issued in the old format after the 1.1.2011 will be considered invalid. It can be confiscated by the border authorities.

(Partly copied from http://www.nbi.ch/green-card-003-020601-en.htm)


Hosting the European Accident statement

Hi all,

Since the 9th of June 2011 Car Travel Docs is allowed to host the official European accident statement. We have worked hard to obtain the original versions from the CEA in Brussels and insurance organizations in each country. Slowly we are extending our list of documents and we hope to provide you with the documents you need to travel save on your holidays.



New Site Launched

A new site has launched with a new look and feel. When I received the Portuguese “European Accident Statement” I thought it was about time to update also the old site with a new look and feel.
After browsing many WordPress themes on the internet I came to Elegantthemes. They were simply the nicest and most professional looking.

Since it’s a paid WordPress theme there are many more features and, it took quite awhile to build the site. But it has been worth it. I hope to all of you who will find this page, you can easily find the European Accident Statements and download them.

soon more …..


Welcome to CarTravelDocs


Last year I had a small accident where some Finnish guy drove backwards into my car (i was standing still). Later he blamed me for driving into the back of his car and we ended up both paying for our own damages although it was his fault. :-(. That cost me a lot of money.


Its been very difficult to talk to him because I don’t speak Finnish and I didn’t have the European Accident Statement with me either. (very hard to get here in Finland). However, if I had one with me, I could have forced him to fill it in and I would have had the facts of the accident right there signed and all. It would have been very hard for him to change his story later.

Hosting European accident statements

That put me thinking and I believe everybody should have the chance to have a foreign language accident statement at hand when you travel abroad. It took me about a year to get approval from the copyright owner and finally my company is allowed to host them on the internet.

Currently we have English, French, Dutch, German, Polish, Czech and Portuguese and we are working hard to obtain more versions. So if you travel to any of these countries then feel free to download, print and use them.

We put them ready for you to download at:

I just know what a hassle it can be to deal with an accident and, you don’t speak the same language. Hopefully you won’t need them but in case you do then I hope they will help you out.