I am so sorry but I don’t speak French, I can’t help you with translating the accident statement. I wish I had the French version with me.

The European Accident Report is provided free of charge by the motor insurers, or it can be downloaded free of charge from here. It is available in most European languages. Its purpose is to get an agreed statement of facts when people are involved in road accidents and to assist with the processing of any subsequent insurance claims.

The layout and content are identical in all language versions. The parties must fill in the accident report in a clear, unambiguous manner. It is important to provide a sketch of the accident and to mention the names and addresses of witnesses. It is recommended to add a photograph.

The report form contains the statement of facts page in duplicate. You fill in both pages together with the other party, and give one copy to the other party. Both pages must be signed by both parties involved in the accident. Signing the accident statement does not imply a recognition of liability. The signature constitutes an acknowledgement of the correctness of the facts recorded in the accident report.