European Accident Statement

Extra instructions for the European Accident Statement

1. Only use one set of forms for 2 vehicles involved (2 for 3 vehicles involved etc.). It doesn’t matter who sends them in or fills them out. Please use a ball point pen for filling out the statement and make sure that the copy is legible.

2. When filling out the accident report please pay attention to the following:

  • When answering the following two questions please refer to:

a) your insurance documents, pursuant to Item 8 (policy or green card),
b) your driving licence, pursuant to Item 9.

  • Clearly indicate the point of initial impact (10).
  • Put a cross (X) next to the facts (1–17) which were relevant to your accident (12), and state the total number of spaces marked with a cross.
  • Draw a plan of the accident location (13) showing all the relevant information.

3. Please give the name of one witness to the accident, especially in case of disagreement.

4. Sign the accident statement and have it signed by the other driver
(15). Hand one copy of the accident statement to other driver and keep one yourself.

When you return home
  • Don’t forget to indicate when and where your vehicle can be inspected by an expert.
  • Under no circumstances alter anything on the accident statement.
  • Send the form to your insurer immediately.
Please note
  • This form exists in different languages but with identical contents.
  • This form may be used even if no other vehicle is involved, for example, where there is a comprehensive insurance policy, in cases of damage to the driver’s own vehicle or in zhe case of Theft or fire.

(Text taken from the German CEA multi-language instruction document)